Free advice for hiring a stone expert to renovate your floors

Hiring a professional marble floor cleaner in the costa blanca area should be a piece of cake if you follow these easy step. If you’re not sure who to choose or are unsure if the prices you are being quoted are competitive, I suggest you read through the below points before making any decision.

  1. Before calling a marble floor expert, do some research. Have any of your neighbors or friends had their marble floors renovated recently? Who did it? and were they happy?
  2. Once you have located several companies, schedule appointments to receive estimates. We at Marble Renovation Costa Blanca will always perform a free estimate. Be sure you are there for the scheduled time; it can be very frustrating for a contractor to arrive for any estimate, only to find no one home. On the other hand, if the contractor fails to show for the scheduled appointment without at least calling, he obviously isn’t interested in your project.
  3. When the marble expert arrives, explain what your concerns are, and what you are trying to achieve. After all, you live with the floor every day, the contractor is seeing it for the first time. Give the contractor as much information as possible. What do you use to clean the floor? Has the floor been polished? Is there any wax or coating on the floor? Any information will help the contractor decide how to fix the problem.
  4. Once the contractor has determined what is needed, ask him to explain the procedure he intends to use. Are there other options? What polishing process will be used? A competent marble floor contractor should be more then happy to answer any question you may have.
  5. When comparing a price against another contractor make sure you are comparing like for like. If one contractor is only going to polish and the other grind, the difference in price will be considerable.
  6. If possible, obtain a demo or sample. Ask if a free demo can be performed; have it performed in a representative area. This will indicate how the final job will be like. Be reasonable however, don’t expect a contractor to perform a demo if the job is too small.
  7. Once you choose a contractor, schedule the job. Don’t be surprised if the contractor is booked for several weeks. Be patient, a good contractor will be busy, and you will have to wait your turn. If you absolutely must have it done now, ask him if he’ll book you if he gets a cancellation.
  8. Gut feeling – are you comfortable with the contractor? This is much more important then you might think.

We at Marble Renovation Costa Blanca have worked in the floor renovation industry for many years and have ample experience in renovating all types of natural stone, from Marble to Granite and Limestone to Terrazzo. No jobs are too big or small so please feel free to get in touch for a free quote with zero obligation.